Old Clothes Buyer in Andheri Hiranandani Powai, Mumbai


Old Clothes Buyer in Andheri Hiranandani Powai, Mumbai


Tucked away in Powai's affluent neighborhood of Hiranandani Gardens, Gletot is more than just an ordinary buyer of used clothing. We are aware of Powai inhabitants' discriminating tastes, their love of fine clothing, and the unusual items they may have in their closets. Gletot is here to help you clear your house and make money doing it, whether it's a collection of outgrown designer items, lightly worn daily wear, or magnificent clothes decorated with elaborate zari work.

Sort among the items your designer discovers and unearth new treasures.


Powai is the epitome of a dynamic lifestyle where fashion is important. The locals value designer brands and well-kept clothing. We at Gletot are grateful for this as well. Do you own an assortment of:

Outdated fashion gowns or attire for formal events? Maybe that gorgeous cocktail dress from a memorable event doesn't fit you anymore, or maybe you no longer wear that expensive suit to work.

gently used items for daily usage from luxury labels? That pair of comfy brand jeans or classic shirt that you no longer wear could find a new home with someone else.

Fashionable looks that don't fit your changing tastes? Since fashion trends are always evolving, your once-loved standout items could be ready for a new chapter in their story.

Gletot is the ideal choice if you can relate to any of these situations. We provide a practical and hassle-free method to make some additional income, tidy up your expensive purchases, and rediscover the pleasure of having a neat closet.

Greater Than The Ordinary Buyer of Used Clothing

Our great respect for zari work, the elaborate metallic embroidery that adorns traditional Indian sarees and other clothes, is what really makes Gletot unique. Zari infuses each ensemble with a dash of refinement, elegance, and cultural history. Are there any of these exquisite Zari items concealed in your wardrobe?

Pure Zari Silk Sarees: Do you look after ancestral sarees that have been handed down through the years? We at Gletot are aware of the great emotional importance these sarees carry. We ensure that genuine pure zari silk sarees find a new home where they will be treasured by offering fair pricing for them in excellent condition.

Antique Zari Embroidery: Possibly you own an assortment of antique apparel adorned with exquisite zari embroidery. Due recognition should be given to these exceptional works for their skill and creativity. Our knowledgeable team is capable of determining their worth and making sure a new owner appreciates their beauty.

Silver Zari Sarees: Silver Zari sarees have a timeless, understated beauty. For a hassle-free selling experience, bring any silver Zari sarees you no longer wear to Gletot. We will provide these magnificent products to you at a reasonable cost since we recognize their worth.

Having Confidence in Your Clothes Sale:


A simple and transparent procedure for selling your used clothing and zari goods is our top priority at Gletot Powai. Here's what to anticipate:

Bring your garments and Zari items to us for a free assessment. Our amiable and competent personnel will carefully evaluate each item's condition, brand, quality, style, and current market worth. 

Reasonable Costs: We recognize the value of your clothing. We'll provide you with a competitive price that accurately represents the worth of your things based on the evaluation. There are no unpleasant surprises or unstated costs—just an open and sincere offer. 

Instant Cash: You will get instant cash in your hand as soon as we reach an agreement on a pricing. You can quickly and easily turn your unwanted clothing into cash without having to wait or experience any delays.

The Advantages of Using Gletoti to Declutter:


There are several advantages to selling your used clothing on Gletot than just making money. This is how it makes a good difference:

  • Clear Your Area and Take Back Authority: An excessive number of clothes in your closet may make you feel overwhelmed. You may recover important space in your house and regain the delight of having a well-organized closet by using Gletot to declutter.

  • Help Create a More Sustainable Fashion Cycle: The fast-fashion sector has a big impact on the environment. Selling your used clothing to Gletot helps create a more sustainable cycle of fashion. By giving your old clothing a second chance at life, you help promote responsible consumerism and reduce textile waste.

  • Encourage Local Businesses: By selecting Gletot, you are encouraging a Hiranandani Gardens neighborhood business. You're supporting a thriving ecology and boosting the local economy.

  • Accept New Opportunities: Making room for fresh starts is made possible by decluttering. You may achieve additional goals or buy new items that suit your changing style with the extra money you get from selling your worn clothing.

Gletot's Dedication to Bombay

Gletot's reach extends beyond Powai. Our extensive pickup arrangement is devoted to providing services to the whole Mumbai community. We make sure everyone in the city may take advantage of our hassle-free service by offering our pickup service. You may phone us and we'll come to you, no matter whether you live in Churchgate, Marine Lines, Charni Road, Grant Road, Mumbai Central, or anywhere else. 

Come Aboard the Gletot Network

We at Gletot Powai are committed to assisting individuals in simplifying their life, generating more income, and supporting a more sustainable fashion industry. Our goal is to create a community of ethical shoppers that appreciate sustainability and elegance.

How to Become a Member of the Gletot Community:

  • Stop by our shop now to see Gletot. We have a welcoming crew that is ready to help you sell your used clothing and Zara products.

  • Plan a Pickup: If you'd like even more convenience, you can plan a pickup right from your Hiranandani Gardens home. Contact us or visit our website for more information.

  • Observe us on social media: Follow Gletot Powai on social media to stay in touch. We often provide updates regarding our services, decluttering techniques, and fashion advice.

  • Share the word: Do you have any Powai friends or neighbors that might use Gletot's services? Inform them about our existence! By letting people know about it, you may make money, assist others in decluttering, and help create a more sustainable future.

When we work together, we can make a difference!

Selling them your worn clothes will benefit both Gletot Powai and you. You participate in a sustainable fashion cycle, earn money, clean up your neighborhood, and support a local business. We are thrilled to welcome you as a new member of the Gletot community and to help you rediscover the joy that comes from keeping your closet tidy!

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